A few great reasons to visit Gabriëlskloof Estate…


We had the pleasure of visiting Gabriëlskloof recently. It was a cool morning, one that suggested that winter was around the corner and the surrounding mountains were covered in cloud. But that didn’t bother us, it was the perfect morning to indulge in their Breakfast Trilogy and the perfect way to start off a Monday morning business meeting.

The blood red beetroot juice was followed by a glass jar brim full with Greek yoghurt, honey roasted nuts, grapefruit and orange and topped with beautiful berries. Next up was mains… I opted for the trout version of the Eggs Benedict – perfectly smoked trout topped with poached egg and asparagus served with gently roasted cherry tomatoes rocket and a slice of lemon. It was heavenly, the best smoked trout I’ve had in a long time! Our dessert (I love when breakfast comes with dessert!!) was freshly baked and toasted banana and poppy seed bread topped with mascarpone, salted caramel and fresh berries, with a delish cappuccino on the side. Yum!

Our breakfast was delicious and we wished we could linger a bit longer… I guess this just means we’ll have to come back.

Just four of the reasons to visit Gabriëlskloof 

Number 1: To enjoy their fabulously delicious Breakfast Trilogy… again.

Ganrielskloof - Breakfast Trilogy

Number 2: To browse around the restaurant ‘shop‘, stocked with goodies – from decadent chocolate brownies and cakes, to sweeties in large glass jars, smoked meats, local cheeses, organic chocolate, homemade jam, preserves and of course wine.

Gabrielskloof - shop

Number 3: To spend some quality time in the tasting room… in winter you can savour the wines in front of a roaring fire. Be sure to try the new Rosebud 2016 – a delicately restrained rosé reminiscent of the Provençal style of Southern France. Says Gabriëlskloof winemaker Peter-Allan Finlayson “It is a graceful, yet firm pink wine with enough fruit but also with enough acidity and savoury notes to make you want another sip. And yes you can drink rosé and still be a badass,”. Who would have thought that drinking rosé could be considered ‘badass’ :)

Gabrielskloof - wine tasting

Number 4: To savour a slow, shared Sunday lunch with family and friends. This concept of shareable cuisine takes on a nostalgic charm, with each Sunday saluting a different ‘family feast’ with wholesome dishes cooked from the larder and land.“There is a huge difference between ‘sharing a meal’ and ‘sharing food’. With our Sharing Sundays we invite people to ditch their winter hibernation for a communal, happy high. It is all about simple, slow cooked family meals served on big platters where everyone can help themselves and share in a delicious selection of heritage fare at their own table,” explains Chef Frans Groenewald who is renowned for his heart and soul food, served with true ‘platteland’ passion and a generous hand.

Gabrielskloof - sharing sundays


Mmmm, definitely plenty reasons to add a visit to Gabriëlskloof Estate to the list of #experienceluxury places to visit…!





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