Four Seasons The Westcliff Launches New Spa Offering

The Four Seasons Spa Westcliff, at Johannesburg’s iconic hotel, is launching, for the first time in South Africa a new treatment by Biologique Recherché of Paris – ‘Seconde Peau’ (Second Skin). The Spa’s local skincare range Terres d’Afrique will also present, their certified organic range – and unique collaboration with the Namibian Hima tribe, as seen with their Red Nomads Revitalizing Top to Toe treatment, proving a huge success with guests visiting the  full service destination spa..

French skincare company Biologique Recherché boasts a strong global following from beauty experts, for their clinical approach to perfect skin. The innovative brand has yet again pushed new frontiers in the beauty world, introducing Seconde Peau, or Second Skin. It took 10 years of research to implement the first hyaluronic acid electrospun machine, which acts like a 3D printer, weaving out pure medical-grade hyaluronic skin patches designed to integrate into skin structures. This pioneering anti-ageing mask visibly lifts and accelerates skin renewal. Revolutionary Breakthrough – Electrospun Technology – Inspired by the medical process used to treat patients with skin burns, Second Skin is a regenerating and lifting electrospun mask made up of 80 percent hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is an exceptional molecule capable of supporting 1,000 times its mass in water. The acid used in the treatment is medical grade, 40 times more concentrated than the average commercial skin care product and low in molecular weight 77 KDA. This active ingredient plays a crucial role in cellular regeneration, increasing firmness, reshaping facial contour and reducing wrinkles.

According to Dr. Philippe Allouche, Head of Creation, Innovation & Research for Biologique Recherche, the vision is to create a tissue capable of matching the volume and shape of the face. To create this tissue, pure hyaluronic acid is injected into the revolutionary Electrospun Machine where an innovative process helps weave nano fibers to become Second Skin patches. These patches then provide a kind of regeneration support structure that integrate active ingredients, allowing them to remain in contact with the skin long enough to stimulate deep cellular healing.

Second Skin Facial – Non-Invasive Transformation – The 60-minute facial, starts with cleaning the face with cleansing milk specific to the guest’s skin. This procedure stimulates the absorption of oxygen into the skin, increases blood circulation and improves the efficacy of products applied thereafter. A lymphatic drainage massage using the same cleansing milk is then performed moving fluid out of tissues into lymph nodes where bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Biologique Recherche’s signature product, Lotion P50, is used to restore the natural PH balance of the skin, minimising problems such as acne and eczema. Second Skin patches are then carefully applied onto expression lines that are moistened by Second Skin serum, allowing the hyaluronic acid to completely absorb into the skin. The therapist will then massage the residue into skin, finishing with an application of Crème Masque Vernix.

A more intensive 90-minute facial is also available and includes the useage of an Electroporation machine, applying a cocktail of active regenerating ingredients into the skin cells for optimum nourishment and results.

The Spa’s local certified organic signature range, Terres d’Afrique, presents the Red Nomads Revitalizing Top-to-Toe Experience, a 90 minute treatment that awakens and revives your senses, inspired by the Himba’s, an ancient African nomadic tribe. The combination of antioxidant-rich plant extracts (Rooibos and Baobab), and the natural moisturising oils (Kalahari melon and coconut oils) in this unique body mask reduce the negative effects of free radicals, evens out skin tone and improves skin elasticity and hydration.

For centuries, the nomadic Himba women from the far northwest of Namibia have harvested Omumbiri (Commiphora wildii). They use the resin, which exudates naturally from the bark of the Commiphora wildii, to perfume the ochre and butterfat used on their skin and hair as part of their traditional dress.. The IRDNC (Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation) has developed a sustainable project in the Kunene region of Namibia using Omumbiri resources for income generation among the Himba. The Omumbiri project has helped them to maintain their proud nomadic lifestyle and culture. By using Omumbiri in their skincare range, Terres d’Afrique is supporting this initiative and contributing to empowering Himba women in Namibia.

Comments, Spa Director, Julanda Marais: “These new therapies are a great addition to our existing menu of treatments for men and women at our destination spa. Biologique Recherché and Terres d’Afrique are two world-class spa brands. The positive feedback from our guests on the new treatments has been outstanding due to the results they have experienced.”

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