Hilton Durban’s Head Concierge is awarded his Golden Keys

The world’s most esteemed association of hotel concierges, Les Clefs d’Or, has awarded Hilton Durban’s longstanding head concierge, Wellington Nzuza, his Golden Keys and now formerly becoming a member of the “Society of the Golden Keys”. This prestigious membership is by invitation only and is one of the highest honors a concierge can be awarded. Wellington is now only the 2nd person in Durban to hold this accolade.

This year, Wellington celebrates his 19th year with the iconic newly refurbed 327-room Durban hotel in the city centre with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and Durban harbour from 16 floors. He has been with Hilton Durban since its opening in August 1997 and this award is a symbol of his high standards and great personality.

“Be friendly and welcoming, pleasant, keep your head whatever the circumstances, be motivated by a deep desire to help and remain unobtrusive” are the main qualities that Wellington believes are required to be a Head Concierge.

“Wellington is an absolute asset to our hotel and a role model in the team, inspiring his team members to delight the hotel’s 150 or more enquiring guests each day,” said general manager Markus Fritz.

Wellington & GM Markus Fritz

“Throughout his many years of service with Hilton Durban, he has received numerous team awards and given advice to tens of thousands of staying guests. There is nothing about Durban that this man does not know. As the first, and last, point of contact at the hotel, the concierge plays an integral role in our five-star standard of service.”

Golden Keys concierges are recognizable to the golden crossed keys he will wear on the lappel of his uniform jacket. These keys are a symbol of his knowledge and high quality service. The priority of Golden Keys concierges is “to come up every client request, as long as this request remains morally, legally and humanly possible”.  Les Clefs d’Or means “the golden keys” in French, the symbol of an elite concierge organisation of some 4,000 member’s world-wide with strict admission policies.


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